Abe Dyk joined MVAR in 2011, working on domestic campaigns and leading the firm’s International Division. Abe has extensive experience managing campaigns and serving as a senior strategist in both the United States and Europe. In 2011, Abe was given the Reed Award for Best International Campaign by Campaigns & Elections Magazine and the Pollie Award for Best International Campaign of the Year.

In 2010, Abe managed Congressman Kendrick Meek’s campaign for U.S. Senate in Florida, winning a highly contested primary against billionaire Jeff Greene, who out- spent Congressman Meek 5 to 1.

The Washington Post praised Abe Dyk when he was brought in to run Congressman Jack Murtha’s uphill re-election victory in 2008. In all, Abe has managed six campaigns, served as a coordinated campaign director and has worked for 18 campaigns in more than 10 states.

Abe has a unique understanding of the challenges campaigns face – especially in tough electoral environments.

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